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About us

The company Krammer Armaturen was founded in 1937 and is producing hydrants and pipe fittings for water pipelines since the beginning of the 50´s.
Currently we have 45 employees, whereof the biggest part of the people is working in the production.




Powder Coating

Since 1991 we are coating our pipe fittings on the highest coating standard. Therefor we installed a complete new EWS-coating roboter and since that time we are also a member of GSK (Gütegemeinschaft Schwerer Korrosionsschutz). The minimum thickness of our coating is 250µm





Since 1952 Krammer is producing hydrants and we emphasize on quality. Today we are using a speciel construction method, which allows us to produce hydrants with a pipecover from 15 cm up to 5m. All hydrants will be tested with our computer steered testing stand. For tracking all of our hydrants will be labeled with serial number and the date of production.



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